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Goals of SPOT project, participants, and collaborators.

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Status: Data Status
Check the status of real time data transfers and NERSC data storage.

Status: Job Status
Check the status of analysis and simulation jobs currently running or already completed on NERSC computing resources.

Portal Tools: User Management
*Administrators only*. Manage ALS users of SPOT Suite Portal and NERSC resources.

Portal Tools: Download
Download tools and materials for use with the SPOT Suite Portal.

Data Browser:
Browse, query, and view ALS experimental data registered with the SPOT data catalog. Results of the real time analysis of data from ALS Beamlines 8.3.2 (Micro Tomography) will automatically show up here as they are processed (usually within minutes of close-of-file for the dataset).

Simulation Tools: GISAXS Code 1
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Simulation Tools: GISAXS Code 2
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Simulation Tools: WebXS
X-ray Spectra Analysis tools based upon Shirley XAS simulation engine.

Simulation Tools: WebDynamics
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Simulation Tools: FEFF
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Simulation Tools: Berkeley GW
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